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Hair, our crowning glory is very important to all of us. Like a beautiful face enhances a person’s confidence so does a scalp of healthy & lovely hair. When your hair starts falling or thinning, the whole situation changes. A person facing hair loss may experience stress which in turn will start a decline in their self confidence. To avoid such a situation, you would need to start a hair loss treatment program like the New Generation Hair Care Formula system.

New Generation’s Hair Care Formula
New Generation’s hair Care formula is a unique formula that helps in creating an environment for the natural production of hair. There are two type of products to choose from namely the New Generation original hair care formula and the New Generation 2 products. The former formula is the original formula while the latter is the improved formula based on the original hair care product with the added benefits of Nettle and Witch hazel along with an increased dose of the main constituent of the formula, Polysorbate 60. The two ingredients inside NewGen2 products Nettle and Witch hazel are vasodilators and help to increase the blood flow to the scalp by promoting a healthy environment for natural hair growth.

Hair Care Treatment
This interesting hair care formula is a complete hair care system with four hair and scalp products along with an important nutritional supplement. The system contains the following products:

  • New Generation Shampoo
    Thoroughly cleans the scalp of dirt and oil and prepares your hair for the new generation cleanser/ conditioner or the overnight formula.

  • New Generation cleanser/conditioner
    The product helps in cleansing your hair right down to the shaft. The product contains moisturizing agents necessary for a healthy scalp.

  • New Generation 2 overnight hair care formula
    This overnight formula helps in enhancing the effect of shampoo, cleaner/ conditioner etc. The main ingredient of the formula is Polysorbate 60.

  • The Hair Care Dietary Supplement
    This product provides proper nutrition to the root hair from the blood stream. It provides the missing nutritional elements that are necessary for hair growth.

These New Generation products will provide a healthy atmosphere for hair. These products do not produce instant results when used alone, rather New Generation products when combined together promote a healthy system in the proper environment to do wonders to your self esteem while boosting your confidence.

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