[Infographic] - 9 Factors for Hair Loss in Men

This info-graphic titled ‘9 Factors for Hair Loss in Men’ provides us an overview of causes of hair loss. Male pattern baldness relates to a loss of hair on the scalp in men. It occurs as hormone levels change over a man’s lifetime, and especially in the later years. It is reckoned to affect 50 million men in the US, and half of all men by 50 years of age. Although a natural part of the aging procedure for millions of men, hair loss can be psychologically worrisome. Sudden or unexpected hair loss can sometimes inform a more serious health condition that may need medical attention.

Men remarkably lose their hair when three main factors interact: Biological science, age, and hormones. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male-pattern baldness takes place as hormone levels modify over the course of a man’s life. These factors contribute to the bit-by-bit shrinkage of the tiny cavities in the skin at the base of hairs, known as scalp follicles. Hair grows increasingly shorter and finer until no new hairs grow. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

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