Endorsements And Publicity

In addition to T.V., newspaper articles, investigative and consumer advocate reports have appeared all across the country. Listed below are just a few typical comments made about Bob Murphy and the New Generation hair care products.


The Evansville Press ...
"It helps clean the scalp."

 The San Francisco Chronicle...

"In all my dealings with Mr. Murphy," Smith said, "he has been scrupulously honest." 

 Salinas Californian...
"Who says miracles aren't possible? There is a Fountain of Youth, only this one comes in three bottles.
I know, I'm using it myself." - Salinas Californian reporter

 Press Conference Picked Up By Newspapers Nationwide...
European Scientist Gives U.S. Company Exclusive Rights... ..."Dr. Purola's reputation as a distinguished European doctor and researcher should enhance the product's credibility." 

 Los Angeles Times ..
"I've started on New Generation long as Murphy is offering the money back, what have we got to lose that we haven't already lost?" - L.A. Times reporter

From Our Customers



"My hair feels softer and more manageable. Years ago I used to be in Vitalis commercials, so I am concerned about my hair's appearance"
Jack R.


"A beautician friend noticed my hair looked better and fuller. She didn't know I was using anything. She remarked how nice my hair looked. I am a pastor and she goes to my church. Now she is going to recommend it to some of the women of the church."
Larry L. 

"My hair is softer and more manageable. It used to feel dry and was hard to comb."
Claude W. 

"My hair stylist commented that my hair seemed to be fuller, softer and easier to work with, so I looked and it was true."
Guy L. 



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