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Typical New Generation Customer Letter


Dear Mr. Murphy,

Per my fiancee's phone conversation with you on March 9, 1988, I am enclosing the photos of the results of the programof your product, NewGeneration. I am sending several photos of which you have your choice and my permission to use on your scheduled T.V. program. Due to the continuing use of your product as you will see the results for yourself, I am enthusiastic about the growth of my hair which I consider a great achievement. In the month of February I had enough hair to actually get a perm! I am fascinated with the results of your product. The feeling is great that I no longer have to use the hair pieces which in the past I have spent hundreds of dollars. Also, I feel good about the fact that I can go outside not worrying about which way the wind blows, since the hair on my head is mine. I consider myself a very satisfied customer and hope to be hearing from you in the near future.

Sincerely, Richard Vescera


Your Hair Growth Photos Are Important


We need your pictures - that is, we need your "before" and "after" hair growth pictures. Frequently people write to us describing their success using the New Generation baldness treatment system, but we very seldom receive any "before" pictures showing the change in hair growth for these satisfied customers. By the time we hear from them telling us about their success, it is too late to take the "before" pictures.

You can help us out by taking a good, clear picture of your head (with a plain, light-colored background), either before you begin using New Generation, or early-on in your treatment program. Send us that old picture along with your most recent picture that clearly shows the new hair growth after your use of New Generation. If it is already too late to take the "before" picture, perhaps you can find an old picture in your photo album or that cardboard box in the garage where you file your treasured memorabilia.

We will keep your pictures on file for future use in our marketing program. Naturally we won't use your name or picture without first obtaining your written permission. Let us make you a "media personality", but remember we need good clear photographs that show the improvement in your hair line. We also recommend that your pictures be "face shots" and "top of the head shots."

If we select your before and after hair growth pictures for use in any of our marketing materials, you will receive a free one year supply of New Generation 2 Shampoo, Conditioner and Overnight Hair Formula. So, start those flash bulbs popping and send us your best soon!

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