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Hair Loss Concerns - Needs some New Generation Hair Care Products

The Founder of New Generation and California Pacific Research is Robert “Bob” Murphy who was, at one time, a hotel/motel manager of rather modest means who had a thinning hair problem. In 1979, Murphy saw a TV segment on the Merv Griffin Show where a guest scientist was discussing new discoveries from Europe, including the new findings regarding the effects of polysorbate 60 on the aging process and hair growth. The program told of Ilona Schreck-Purola, M.D., a physician at the University of Helsinki who was doing research on skin cancer and tumor research using mice.

One particular product had been shown to promote healthy hair in mice and had been determined to have potential in people. Murphy had noticed that although many similar products had been on the market in the past, many of them did not contain the exact ingredients that had been used in the research don by Dr. Purola and her staff at the Medical School. Sensing a solution, he traveled to Helsinki to meet with Dr. Purola personally and soon secured the exclusive rights to the original formula that had been used in her experiments at the University. New Generation was born as the “product that has the exact formula used in the original research”.New Generation helps to stop hair Loss 

Seeking further market study, Murphy proceeded to give the product away to 107 established professionals in various job settings including medical doctors, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and well known media personalities to see if their results matched those of Dr. Purola. After testing was completed and the positive results were made public, the local California news media became aware, excited, and interested and published many news stories and headlines across the state.

Because of the initial excitement caused by New Generation, Bob Murphy was invited to be a guest on many television and radio talk shows throughout the United States. One of these non-scripted shows that had many of his customers calling in with excellent results was purchased from the talk show host. Airtime was bought on television stations throughout the country with an 800 number attached at the end; thus began the concept of the television infomercial.

This publicity was a by-product of the interest generated by the use of the product, backed by the success and credibility of the previous testing results. Interest in the product grew as more users reported positive results and as national TV audiences tuned in to the “infomercials”. Since that time, New Generation has sold millions of bottles of product, attracted customers from around the world.

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