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Hair growth treatment

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

Hair Loss & Its Prevention

Hair loss for both men and women has become a common problem and has raised the level of concern among its victims. Consistent loss of hair can not only lead to a reduction of hair volume, but may also cause complete baldness. While most people consider balding and persistent hair loss to be incurable, New Generation is happy to announce that with proper corrective action, these problems can be minimized or completely eliminated. New Generation Hair Care is celebrating over 30 years of success in the treatment of hair loss using the New Generation Hair Care treatment system

Some of the most typical reasons for hair loss in both men and women include nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, stress, and disease. While these factors affect hair growth in both men and women, there are some additional factors that increase the progression of hair loss, such as:

- Intake of Alcohol
- Bacterial and Fungal Infections
- Anemia
- Thyroid Problems
- Inadequate Health Care
- Exposure to Pollutants and Toxins
- Inadequate Nutrition
- Genetic Imbalances


To stop hair loss and balding, it is important to choose an appropriate hair treatment solution that can satisfy your individual needs and prove effective in solving your hair loss problems.

Our Mission

Men and women need individual hair treatment solutions, because of different hair texture and composition. New Generation’s team of experts has developed an extremely adaptable solution that can cater to the individual needs of both men and women facing balding or hair loss.

Combing over with the remaining hair can certainly help to hide some of a receding hairline, but it is not a permanent solution. Understanding the individual needs of different people, New Generation has developed hair care solutions, which are effective, safe and simple to use.

New Generation has over 30 years of experience in treating hair problems using natural ingredients that promote natural hair growth and scalp rejuvenation, as opposed to other hair care products that contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that may produce adverse reactions and side effects.

What This Means For You

"Grow healthy hair naturally, effectively and affordably, with the clinically proven hair solutions offered by New Generation."

California Pacific Research, Inc. Original Formula
New Generation Products are produced from the exact original formulas developed by Dr. Ilona Schreck-Purola at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Purola granted California Pacific Research, Inc., the producer of New Generation, the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute her formula in the United States and to use her personal endorsement.

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Latest Article

Hair loss is not an unfamiliar condition. Several men and women all over the world suffer from hair thinning and hair loss that not only have a adverse effect on their physical looks, but also gives rise to a host of psychological and social barriers.

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