New Generation 2 Shampoo 8 oz

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Product Details

Product Details

Witch hazel and nettle have been added to our formulation to provide additional scalp stimulation which has been shown to increase the blood flow carrying nutrients to the hair. Combined with the proven deep cleaning action of Dr. Purola’s original discoveries, this stimulation of blood circulation in your scalp helps to further enhance the environment for natural hair growth. It is carefully formulated to deep clean your hair and scalp of dirt and oils. The Shampoo is purposely low-sudsing and leaves no residue after rinsing; important features in properly preparing your scalp for the application of the New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner. Because the pH balanced shampoo is very gentle to your hair, you can use it daily with complete confidence. (Cleanser/Conditioner and the Overnight Formula are the products that stimulate hair growth)

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