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How to Properly Use New Generation Shampoo

First Sudsing: Use approximately a dime-sized amount of shampoo. Thoroughly wet hair, apply shampoo and with your fingernails, gently scratch through your hair, scalp and sideburns. This will loosen dry and flaky skin. Note: There will be very little lather during your first sudsing.

Second Sudsing: Again, use a dime-sized amount, however this time use your fingertips to gently work through your hair and scalp. On your second sudsing you will notice much more lather. New Generation cleans so thoroughly that your hair and scalp should be cleaner than they ever have been.


How to Properly Use New Generation Hair and Scalp Cleanser/Conditioner and the Purola Overnight Formula

For Normal to Dry Hair:

For best results, apply the Cleanser/Conditioner in the morning after shampooing and the Overnight Formula before going to bed. (If you are not using the Overnight Formula, then use the Cleanser/Conditioner twice.)

First Application: After shampooing, gently towel dry your hair, leaving it damp. Shake the Cleanser/Conditioner thoroughly. While your hair is still slightly damp, place 5-7 drops in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and massage through all of your hair and scalp, including your sideburns. Do this vigorously with your fingertips. You may feel a warm sensation? this is normal. The Cleanser/Conditioner will be absorbed by your hair right down into your follicles. If, after your hair has been combed and has dried, it appears “too dry,” use more of the Cleanser/Conditioner after your shampoo.

Second Application: Use the Overnight Formula for best results. Fill eye dropper to line (15 drops) and apply to balding and thinning areas of the scalp. Spread and massage with fingertips until those areas are completely covered. Leave on overnight. Shampoo in the morning. Apply the Cleanser/Conditioner to complete your 24 hour program.

For Oily Hair:

After your daily shampooing, apply a small amount of the Cleanser/Conditioner, massage it into your balding and thinning area, while your hair is slightly damp. Comb through your hair, and you are ready for the day. Remember, you want your hair to be manageable, but not have an oily appearance. Experiment with the amount used for the proper balance to fit your hair and scalp.

For your evening application, when it doesn’t matter if your hair appears a little oily, apply the Overnight Formula as directed above. The best results are obtained when New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner or the Purola Overnight Formula remains in your hair and scalp 24 hours a day.

Before you start using New Generation products, be sure to note the condition of your hair and scalp. New Generation, by thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing you hair and scalp, can improve your scalp condition and your hair should appear thicker and fuller. This proper cleansing and moisturizing will enable your hair to grow naturally. Our experience indicates you may enjoy the appearance of fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair.

How to Properly Use New Generation Hair and Scalp Cleanser/Conditioner and the Purola Overnight Formula

After shampooing and applying Cleanser/Conditioner, comb, style and mist. Hold Grooming Mist container 10 to 12 inches from hair and lightly spray with short even bursts. If you find that you are not satisfied with your style, comb through your hair, restyle and spray again for more body. Note: If your spray container appears clogged, just clear the pump by rinsing it in warm water.

Directions for Women's Hair

New Generation can work very well for women. Because women’s scalps are thinner, they do not have to shampoo daily. If you shampoo daily, you need to apply the Cleanser/Conditioner through all of your hair only once a day. If you shampoo 2 or 3 times a week, on the days that you don’t shampoo apply a few drops of Cleanser/Conditioner to your thinning areas and lightly massage into your scalp. If you know that you are going to shampoo the next morning then use the Overnight Formula the night before. It has an eye dropper that will allow you to get it right into the scalp. Experiment with the Cleanser/Conditioner and the Overnight Formula.

If you hair appears too oily, use less. If it appears too dry, use more. Special Note: If you have long hair, you may find it difficult to evenly distribute the Cleanser/Conditioner through your hair. You may find that your supply of shampoo is not lasting the usual 3 months. If this is the case, you may shampoo with your regular shampoo for the first sudsing and then use New Generation for the second and final sudsing. Apply your regular conditioner to the ends of your hair, thoroughly rinse and towel dry your hair until it is slightly damp. Apply the New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner directly to your scalp. Massage, comb through and style as normal.

Hair Coloring: Apply hair coloring as directed. After finishing your coloring procedure and towel drying your hair, apply the New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner. Products such as Grecian Formula may also be used with New Generation products.

Permanents: Follow normal permanent directions. We recommend using small rods, since the Cleanser/Conditioner tends to relax the curl. After completing your permanent procedures, apply New Generation as directed.

Directions for African Americans Hair (Black Hair Styles)

Non-Chemical Users:

Shampoo every other day. Apply Cleanser/Conditioner once daily. Place approximately 5 drops of the Cleanser/Conditioner in the palm of your hand. Using the tip of the index finger on your other hand, dab a small amount to your thinning areas and vigorously massage into your scalp. The Overnight Formula should be used only on the nights when you plan to shampoo the next morning.

Use the eye dropper to get through your hair to the scalp, again, massage vigorously and remember to shampoo in the morning. The product that you are now using to eliminate excessive dryness may continue to be used on your hair. PLEASE TRY NOT TO PUT IT ON THE SCALP AREAS WHERE THE CLEANSER/CONDITIONER HAS BEEN APPLIED.

Chemical Users:

Curls: amoniumthioglocolate

Wave/Relaxer: sodium hydroxide

Permanents: sodium hydroxide

Pressed Hair

Apply Cleanser/Conditioner as directed above only shampooing weekly or every other week. If you are using the Overnight Formula, remember to use it on the nights when you are planning to shampoo the next morning.

For Chemical and Non-Chemical Users:

New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner can be used through all of your hair, as it is an excellent conditioner. The condition of you hair should show a noticeable improvement, if it has been damaged due to over processing. If you wear a curl, your hair may be more relaxed. Your hair will look glossy, appear thicker and feel softer.

Special Note:

Depending on the dryness and condition of your hair, you may need to use more than the recommended 5 drops of Cleanser/Conditioner that you would normally use when applying to your thinning areas only. Because you may need to use more of the Cleanser/Conditioner, your supply may not last a full three months, but you will be eliminating the cost of the conditioning preparations you are currently using.

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