Hair Loss Remedies Around The Globe

Hair growth is considered extremely essential across the globe. A full head of hair signifies youthfulness. All of us definitely want to look young and full of energy and vitality. Through out time there has been various hair loss remedies which have been used and new ones are continually being developed. Hair loss is very natural one needs to overcome it quite attentively. It is very important to identify the cause of the problem and then supplement it with the required remedy and nutrients. Maintaining a good attitude and practicing good health solves much of the problem.

There are various factors that would result someone’s hair loss. These are bleeding ulcers, diabetes, depression, pneumonia, thyroid imbalance, stress, genetic disorder, lack of sufficient sleep, fewer intakes of essential nutrients among others. Hair loss in men can begin as early as in 20 years but it is clearly apparent in 35-40 years. In a similar way, two thirds of women experience hair loss at some point in their life. It is very crucial for women as hair is an integral part of their personality. In women hair loss generally occurs due to factors like pregnancy, stress, chemotherapy, thyroid hormone deficiency. Unlike men, women rarely go bald but they experience thinning and reduction of hair.

Right from the beginning, healthy hair is associated with a healthy body. A healthy and balanced diet provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of hair. A balanced diet would include dairy products, fish, eggs, soy, and beef. You should also include sources of calcium, copper, iodine, and iron in your diet. Vitamins like A, E, B12, and Biotin are essential to prevent hair loss and elasticity. Apart from a balanced diet, it is essential to exercise moderately and avoid smoking, junk food and aerated drinks.

In different cultures, people follow different remedies to prevent hair loss. Massaging the scalp with aromatherapy results in increased blood circulation and hence stops hair loss. The application of herbs such as henna, aloe Vera is also effective. Vinegar is used to remove excess of oil and dandruff from the scalp and prevents bacteria growth. Saw palmetto, horsetail, corn silk, rosemary, nettle helps to slow down the hormone effect and provides an ideal environment for hair growth. These herbs provide the nutrients required by the hair. People around the globe follow home remedies to overcome the problem of hair loss. The use of coconut milk, egg yolk, apple cider, vinegar, sage tea, Alma, reetha, shikakai helps in reducing hair loss and gives a healthy look to the hair. All these domestic methods and the hair care products available in the market place today have solved the problem of hair loss to some extent.
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