Baldness Product Supercharged

SAN DIEGO – “I can tell you some things that will make your hair fall out but since many of you have already heard them, I think I will change the subject,” went the introductory remarks of a speaker. Dr. Ilona Schreck Purola, however, doesn’t want to change the subject. 

Purola, a doctor of medicine and, surgery, pioneered research on baldness at Finland’s University of Helsinki. She has developed a formula called Ilona Schreck Purola, M.D. Exclusive Overnight Formula. Exclusive marketing rights have been given to California Pacific Research.

Cal Pac has been marketing one of the most effective of all baldness products, New Generation, for nearly eight years and has sold over two million units They are referring to Purolas’ new product as a “supercharged” version of the former best seller.

While working on a cancer research project with a team of doctors at the University of Helsinki, Dr. Purola noticed that a lotion they applied to mice had an unusual side effect – it increased hair growth. A number of follow-up experiments with human subjects showed that the lotion produced hair regrowth in 65 percent of those tested. The main ingredient in the lotion, polysorbate 60, is FDA-approved and a common salad dressing ingredient.

According to Purola, polysorbate 60 breaks down cholesterol that can clog hair follicles, and other ingredients in the formula increase circulation around the follicles and promote hair regrowth.

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