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Exclusive Rights To Baldness Product

European Scientist Gives U.S. Company Exclusive Rights To Baldness Product

In a recent press conference held at the Seven Seas Lodge in San Diego, California Pacific Research annouced that they had obtained the exclusive rights to market a baldness product based on the pioneering research of Dr. Ilona Schreck Purola. The product is called Ilona Schreck Purola, M.D., Exclusive Overnight Formula.

Dr. Purola, who also attended the press conference, conducted studies at the University of Helsinki in which 65% of test subejcts expereinced a decrease in hair fallout and an increase in hair regrowth. The new product is the first to be sold in this country that contains the exact ingrediants used in Dr. Purola’s laboratory tests.

According to Bob Murphy, president of Cal Pac, Dr. Purola’s Exclusive Overnight Formula is an addition to the company’s hair careline, which includes established products such as New Generation.

The key ingrediant in Dr. Purola’s product is polysorbate 60. It breaks up the cholesterol that builds up on the scalp and prevents cells from dividing, resulting in baldness.

By breaking down the cholesterol, polysorbate 60 unclogs hair follicles and promotes cell division, frequently allowing hair regrowth. Polusorbate 60 is an FDA-approved food additive, commonly found in salad dressing.

“We believe that Dr. Purola’s Exclusive Overnight Formula is a breakthrough product,” Murphy said. “Laboratory testing has shown it to be effective for those with male pattern baldness (the cause of hair loss for most people), and Dr. Purola’s reputation as a distinguished European doctor and researcher should enhance the product’s credibility

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