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Hair Loss Treatments – The Natural Way

Hair Loss Treatments – The Natural Way

There are many factors that might cause a loss of unnaturally large quantities of hair in adults in relatively short periods of time, especially in men. Although it is quite normal to lose small quantities of hair on a daily basis as part of the hair regeneration life cycle, the onset of excessive and unnaturally rapid hair loss might be the first symptoms of male or female pattern baldness.

Our hair strands do not have an unlimited life span. Each hair on our head grows, stays for some time, and eventually falls out, making room for new hair to take its place. Did you know that more than 10% of our hair has already run the course of their life at any given point in time? The hair you shed while shampooing or washing your head are those dead strands that will no longer grow any further. Each one of us loses between twenty to hundred strands of hair on a daily basis without us even noticing.

When you actually start noticing surprisingly large bundles of fallen hair in your shower or your pillow, you might want to get more vigilant about your head and scalp, because what you might be experiencing can be a severe and more dreaded form of Alopecia. This hair loss could be temporary if you feel there are no reasons for you to lose such quantities of hair, especially if you are a young male in your early twenties, or if you belong to the fairer sex. But if you are an adult over the age of 30, male especially, then it could be bad news. You could be experiencing the onset of MPB.

Although not reversible in its entirety, MPB and FPB can definitely be stopped or slowed down by picking the right hair loss treatment – one that uses natural ingredients and formulations. The New Generation line of natural hair growth products is based on intensive and independent research and innovation by a top Finnish hair scientist. It’s cleanser cum conditioner absorbed by your scalp where deep cleansing moisturizing agents which provide a proper balance for healthy hair and scalp, makes your hair and scalp healthy, clean, and looking its best.

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