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Natural Hair Loss Prevention Products Are the Way to Go

Natural Hair Loss Prevention Products Are the Way to Go!

Baldness – medically known as Alopecia, can be defined as the partial or complete loss of hair from the surface of the head. This skin disorder mainly affects the scalp region.

Alopecia attacks the hair follicles in two major forms. Alopecia Aerata is a type of baldness that occurs in distinct and small patches. Its onset is usually quite sudden, but once it does visit the scalp, hair is lost rather rapidly. More often than not, it affects one side of the head more than the other, and can affect both men and women, although in different proportions. Alopecia Aerata is not to be confused with male pattern baldness, which in most cases is associated with genetic reasons. The second type of Alopecia is Alopecia Totalis. This kind of baldness is an auto immune disorder which usually culminates in a complete loss of hair from the scalp.

The most common hair loss patterns that can be categorized as Alopecia – both in men and women, are caused mainly due to mental stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and other bodily afflictions. Excessive alcohol consumption, nutritional deficiencies, regular exposure to pollutants and skin carcinogens, and inadequate health care can contribute significantly to an existing hair loss issue. But apart from these common reasons, there are other more medically entrenched factors that might aggravate hair loss in both the sexes, such as bacterial or fungal infections, anemia, thyroid diseases, and other genetic disorders.

Today, there are many natural hair loss prevention products and techniques out there, which can tackle untimely hair loss in an herbal, non-chemical way. Any natural hair growth product worth its salt should be able to display significant and visible results within a few weeks of use. A shampoo or any other external application product that is part of a natural hair loss prevention procedure, must be made from only the finest naturally existing ingredients. Ideally, they should not contain any synthetic drugs or other harsh chemicals. Also, a natural hair loss treatment must be gentle on the hair and scalp, and should not disrupt the natural order of any other bodily functions.

If you are suffering from unnatural hair loss, it is imperative that you choose a tried and tested natural hair loss prevention procedure – one that addresses your unique hair fall pattern.

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