Grooming Mist

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New Generation’s Grooming Mist is specially formulated with Polysorbate-60 to be used with all the New Generation Products. The Grooming Mist contains ingredients that offer three natural benefits to your hair: 1) provides structural elasticity, flexibility, and strength to the hair shaft; 2) acts as a humectant or moisturizer for hair; 3) causes each hair to swell, adding body and the appearance of fuller, healthier hair, which is especially important to men and women with thinning hair. You will notice a difference in the health, quality, and body of your hair after consistent use of the Grooming Mist in combination with the New Generation Shampoo, Cleanser/Conditioner, Purola Overnight Formula, and Nutritional Supplements. (Cleanser/Conditioner and the Overnight Formula are the products that stimulate hair growth)
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