What is the best hair regrowth treatment?

What is the best hair regrowth treatment?

Any furry mammal has hair that is made of a component called Keratin. While strands of animal hair are quite tough and thick while human hair is relatively sleek. There are around 5 million follicles of hair in a human body, and even so, they are the ones who go bald too.

Different hair types

Human bodies have two types of hair growth- vellus and terminal. While terminal hair makes our eyelashes, scalp hair, and eyebrows, vellus takes care of the rest. You may genetically experience high, medium, or low growth of hair. The vellus hair initially remains light, and gradually becomes dark. It is because of the androgen hormones that encourage the vellus to grow in the armpits and as pubic/genital hair. The lips, bottoms of our hands, and feet remain free from vellus hairs.

Causes of human hair loss

The most common reason why people lose hair is due to Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as AGA. The first balding sign starts from the late 20s to early 30s. One may not experience it until 35. However, but about 40, these signs become prominent, and you may notice significant bald patches on the scalp’s top in men. The pattern hair loss is lesser noticed with women as the hair falls from not a particular part, but from all over the scalp. If the women part their hair, the balding is visible when the parting widens.

Though we lose hair primarily due to our genetical reasons, there can be other underlying reasons too. Baldness can be caused due to many health reasons too. For example, if one has been ill or been malnourished. Iron deficiency also promotes baldness. Certain hair treatments also causehair loss. Another cause is emotional or physical trauma, you may face severe hair loss. Birth control medicines, hormonal medicines, and hormonal changes post-childbirth can cause hair loss also.

Is hair loss a treatable medical condition?

Several people suffer from hair loss and use various cosmetic products to treat the condition but end up losing more hair. One must find out the root cause of hair fall before treating it. If the condition is due to an accident like severe injury, infection, or burns, there are lesser chances of hair regrowth. But if it is due to any temporary illness, the hair fall would be temporary, and the hair would grow back within a few days/months.

However, dormant follicles would never be able to grow hair. When you can observe severe hair fall, you must start the topical treatment with Minoxidil, an FDA-sanctioned medicine. Amino acid-rich hair treatments or hair products can help save your hair from damage. If nothing mentioned above can help, you can try a hair transplant if the hair follicles are still active.

Using natural methods to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth

Using onion juice and Hibiscus extracts can promote hair growth. Do not use hard or hot water while washing your hair. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair, because the regular drug-store hair care products with harmful chemicals can affect your hair’s pH balance and make them dry and brittle. Regular oiling with essential oils can nourish your hair. An all-natural spa session can be beneficial for your hair.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and stay hydrated. Exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle. Do not tie up your hair too tightly, as they would not be able to breathe. Trim the hair regularly so that you do not have split ends. Use silk pillow covers and silk scrunchies to avoid hair damage.

Your hair significantly contributes to your beauty, and severe hair loss or premature greying can be harmful to them. So, take care of your hair as much as your skin.

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