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New Generation 2 Cleanser Conditioner – 4 oz

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We have increased the concentration of Polysorbate 60, our active ingredient to the Cleanser/Conditioner and Overnight Formula. This, after much study, is an adjustment which is needed to keep the cleansing formula in tune with the elements in our atmosphere and our diet which contribute to a less than optimum environment for hair growth. The Cleanser/Conditioner is formulated to be absorbed by your scalp where the cleansing action is needed. The Cleanser/Conditioner also contains moisturizing agents which provide a proper balance for healthy hair and scalp, facilitating the natural growth of your hair. The cleanser/conditioner is formulated to remove the remains of the overnight formula making your scalp clean and ready for the day. (Cleanser/Conditioner and the Overnight Formula are the products that stimulate hair growth)
-Decrease product quantity. +Increase product quantity.
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