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Healthy hair needs vitamins, nutrients, protein, amino acids, and effective high-quality cleansing and care. New Generation Hair Care Products have been providing the optimum environment for healthy hair growth for over 25 years to millions of people all over the world. New Generation Products make hair look better and feel better by revitalizing the scalp and hair and allowing natural hair growth, resulting in the healthiest hair possible.

Each hair in our scalp grows out of a tiny follicle. Over the years these follicles become clogged with dirt and oil that hinder healthy growth and make the hair look limp, thin, and lifeless. This build up can cause serious hair problems; everything from dandruff to hair breakage, to hair thinning and/or hair loss. New Generation Products deep clean, condition, and strengthen hair by removing hair growth obstacles and providing the important nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair growth.

New Generation Products are produced from the exact original formula developed by Dr. Ilona Schreck-Purola at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Purola gave California Pacific Research, the producer of New Generation, the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute her formula in the United States and to use her personal endorsement. (Click here to see Dr. Purola’s personal endorsement)

The New Generation Product Line includes the Shampoo, the Cleanser/Conditioner, the Purola Overnight Formula, the Grooming Mist, and the Nutritional Supplements. All New Generation Products are specifically designed to provide the optimum environment for the healthiest hair growth possible.

New Generation Shampoo is carefully formulated to deep clean, removing dirt and oil from the hair and scalp. Our Shampoo is purposely low-sudsing and leaves no residue after rinsing, which are important features in properly preparing your scalp for the application of the New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner. Because the pH balanced shampoo is very gentle to your hair, you can use it daily with complete confidence. Each bottle contains a three month supply of highly concentrated shampoo. The Shampoo is the first and a very important step in the New Generation cleansing system, since it is specifically formulated to be used with our other New Generation products.

The New Generation Cleanser/Conditioner is formulated to be absorbed by your scalp where deep cleansing is needed. The Cleanser/Conditioner contains moisturizing agents which provide a proper balance for healthy hair and scalp, facilitating the natural growth of your hair. The deep cleansing action of the Cleanser/Conditioner makes your hair and scalp healthy, clean, and looking its best.

The New Generation Purola Overnight Formula is one of the most significant developments to date in the thinning hair and hair care field. It contains the exact formula developed by Dr. Purola in her research studies conducted at the University of Helsinki in Finland and provides the hair follicles with the deepest cleaning possible. Before bed, apply The Purola Overnight Formula directly to your scalp using the calibrated dropper paying particular attention to the areas that need it most. Regular use of the Purola Overnight Formula in combination with New Generation Shampoo and Cleanser/Conditioner creates the ideal environment for the growth of healthy hair. The Purola Overnight Formula compliments the effects of the Shampoo and Cleanser/Conditioner by making hair appear thicker and fuller, as well as, healthier and easier to manage. New Generation customers report remarkable results when the Purola Overnight Formula is used in addition to the Shampoo and Cleanser/Conditioner.

New Generation's Grooming Mist is specially formulated with Polysorbate-60 to be used with all the New Generation Products. The Grooming Mist contains ingredients that offer three natural benefits to your hair: 1) provides structural elasticity, flexibility, and strength to the hair shaft; 2) acts as a humectant or moisturizer for hair; 3) causes each hair to swell, adding body and the appearance of fuller, healthier hair, which is especially important to men and women with thinning hair. You will notice a difference in the health, quality, and body of your hair after consistent use of the Grooming Mist in combination with the New Generation Shampoo, Cleanser/Conditioner, Purola Overnight Formula, and Nutritional Supplements.

The New Generation Nutritional Supplements enhance the performance of the New Generation Hair Products. New Generation Nutritional Supplements contain the nutrients necessary to support healthy hair growth. As an added bonus to hair nutrition, these vital elements also promote healthy skin and nails, and in addition contain stress vitamins, energy releasers, and botanicals which act as dietary supplements. You can feel confident you are doing all you can for your hair when you use the Nutritional Supplements in combination with the other New Generation Products. The Nutritional Supplements continue the valuable revitalization process on the inside that the New Generation Hair Products are producing on the outside.

New Generation Products are available in the Original Formula and the New Generation 2 Formula. The New Generation 2 Formula is based on the Original Formula but with a higher concentration of the main active ingredient Polysorbate-60 and a few additional ingredients such as Witch Hazel and Nettle. Witch Hazel and Nettle are both vasodilators which help increase blood flow to the scalp and roots providing additional scalp stimulation and increasing the flow of nutrients that are vital to hair’s health. This, combined with the proven deep cleaning action of Dr. Purola's original discoveries, enhances the development of the ideal environment for natural hair growth. Witch Hazel and Nettle can also act as drying agents; therefore, the Original Formula is generally preferred by people with a normal to dry skin and hair type and the New Generation 2 Formula is commonly preferred by people that have an oily skin and hair type. All New Generation Products can be purchased individually or in the convenient and economical two piece, three piece, and five piece sets. The New Generation Two Piece Set includes the Shampoo and the Cleanser/Conditioner; the Three Piece Set includes the Shampoo, the Cleanser/Conditioner, and the Purola Overnight Formula; and the Five Piece Set includes all of the Products: the Shampoo, the Cleanser/Conditioner, the Purola Overnight Formula, the Grooming Mist, and the Nutritional Supplements. Every New Generation Product and Set is designed and packaged to provide you with an approximate 3 month supply.

Most customers experience significant results after using New Generation for eight to twelve weeks. New Generation Products are made with only the finest ingredients and contain no drugs or harsh chemicals. New Generation Products are safe and gentle so they won’t harm your hair or scalp. All Products come with a 120 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion or the empty bottles and we will promptly refund the product purchase price (less shipping and handling)…no questions asked.

New Generation Products are proudly backed by the good name and integrity of California Pacific Research, Inc. California Pacific Research and New Generation have provided generations with the optimum environment for healthy hair growth. Be part of the next generation of New Generation customers with strong, healthy, beautiful hair.

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